Blackrock Strategy is a Veteran owned international risk management and advisory consultancy. We perform on the deepest ends of the spectrum of intelligence collection through open source and proprietary sources using our global networks and staff. We provide commercial and government clients with the best insights, intelligence, analysis, and people, providing clients with an informed risk strategy.

At Blackrock Strategy we understand that managing technical, performance, personal, and market entry risks bring significant rewards. We work closely with our partners and clients to balance those risks to ensure optimal chances for success. As a Global Risk Solutions Firm, we provide the finest talent, leadership, technology and intelligence to our commercial and government clients.



Commercial Services


Secure Market Entry

Blackrock Strategy Subject Matter Experts and analysis conduct in-depth market analysis and studies to capture potential and risks associated with new target markets, center of gravity personalities, and potential opportunities for specified sectors, products, and services.

Business Intelligence

Leveraging unique strategies and technologies, Blackrock Strategy analysts, Subject Matter Experts, and collectors convert collection requirements and associated raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis and predictive views of business operations.

Risk Mitigation

Perform threat and vulnerability analysis for organizations or individuals in order to develop sensible solutions to mitigate risks to people, property, brands, and other interests. This has included work with family offices to mitigate risk and provide security products and services to their residence, business locations, aviation and transportation assets, travel support, event planning and executive protection for families. Clients are provided an analysis of alternatives in order to reduce their risk profiles. These measures protect the organizations, individuals, family, brand, reputation, and integrity of their enterprises.


Business related diligence performed by Blackrock Strategy assess the risks and opportunities that could impact a business in the future. Subject Matter Experts and analysts focus on emerging technologies and capabilities of potential interest to governments and industries. The process allows for the assessment of a company’s viability as well as its readiness for future markets.

Strategic Solutions

Blackrock Strategy provides strategic solution tailored to the needs of our clients. These solutions are backed by years of experience and knowledge, and provide effective results.


Government Services


Test and Evaluation

Blackrock Strategy conducts both operational and developmental test and evaluation support for government clients. Analysts and Subject Matter Experts work at every level including requirements development, metrics development, test planning, assessment documentation, and transition support to Programs of Record.

Operational Support

Subject Matter Experts, analysts, and professional staff provide direct support to clients both domestically and overseas. Blackrock Strategy Ops Support focuses on collecting, processing, analyzing, and reporting data-driven products for policy and operational decision making.


Support to Blackrock Strategy’ government clients for logistics focuses on managing life cycle property and configuration management for existing programs as well as the development of emerging capabilities and research & development efforts.

Technical Writing

Blackrock Strategy Technical Writers provide support to government and commercial clients with highly technical or process-oriented publications. They perform research, review statistics, interviewing, graphic development, and product integration/dissemination.

Intelligence Programs


Blackrock Strategy Subject Matter Experts and professional staff conduct supported activities to investigate and protect against espionage or other intelligence activities conducted by or on behalf of adversary governments or terrorist activities.

Intelligence Analysis

Our analysts and Subject Matter Experts focus on military, political, economic, and cultural sectors to process and assess the vast volumes of data in order to yield actionable intelligence for Blackrock Strategy customers.

Intelligence Collection

Blackrock Strategy core collectors and Subject Matter Experts work in support of authorized customers to plan, manage, and/or collect intelligence across the disciplines of HUMINT, SIGNT, and IMINT.


Our sensible solutions provide multinational organizations and government clients the ability to identify and mitigate potential threats to their people, infrastructure, vendors, customers, and data.