Blackrock Strategy is an international risk management company providing commercial and government clients with the best insights and intelligence available to make informed decisions for their people and stakeholders.

Our sensible solutions provide multinational organizations and government clients the ability to identify and mitigate potential threats to their people, infrastructure, vendors, customers, and data.

We are committed to working side by side with our clients as a partner to provide sensible solutions tailored for their specific needs and to ensure their success in meeting their clients needs.

Delivering Exceptional People and Risk Solutions that Build Dynamic Organizations across the Globe.


Blackrock Strategy is a Global Risk Solutions Firm dedicated to providing the finest talent, leadership, technology and intelligence to commercial and government clients.

Blackrock Strategy strives to provide clients with early detection and avoidance strategies in the dynamic environments where they do business.

specialists in the following fields

Risk Mitigation


Specialized Staffing


Interview & Debriefing


Personnel Analytics


Background & Research




Intelligence Collection


Advanced Threat & Research Methodology


Event Security


Crisis Planning & Response


Insider Threat

premier talent staffing in the following areas

Counterintelligence Specialists


Technical Surveillance Specialists


Physical Surveillance Operators


Technical Analysts


Intelligence Analysts


Counterterrorism Specialists


Law Enforcement


Insider Threat Analysts