Commercial and Government

Commercial Risk Management

Blackrock Strategy LLC provides customized risk management services for commercial clients ranging from individuals to fortune 100 companies. Through our exceptional network of globally based professionals, Blackrock Strategy LLC intercedes to prevent, deter or disrupt crisis situations involving clients and their interests.

Government Services

Blackrock Strategy LLC provides government customers at the federal and state level with first class Subject Matter Experts, Analysts, Engineers, Scientists, and Administrative Professionals. Our recruitment, benefits, and retention programs paired with a reputation for delivering quality services at competitive pricing allows us to win and retain quality contracts


General Support and Response to Inquiries

Crisis Support Call Center

Enhanced Proactive Safety Support

Infrastructure Security Assessments

Meeting and Event Support

Key Member Security Enhancements

Customized Support and Services


Secure Market Entry & Business Intelligence

Government Services and Staffing

Intelligence Collection and Analysis


Data Analytics & Strategic Solutions

Professional Risk Management Services

We are committed to working side by side with our clients as a partner to provide sensible solutions tailored for their specific needs and to ensure their success in meeting their clients’ needs.