Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bierbauer has worked in counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations since 1989. He has vast U.S. government and international corporate experience conducting and managing operations worldwide under complex and hazardous conditions.  During his government service Mr. Bierbauer was routinely called upon to develop and implement new and innovative means for collecting intelligence, targeting adversary centers of gravity, and meeting National Security policy objectives.  

Mr. Bierbauer’s post government service has included the design and implementation of unique collection, analysis, and operational capabilities for use in pursuit of client interests for risk mitigation, corporate security, due diligence, and value preservation. Mr. Bierbauer’s specialties and past performance span from human source operations to the effective application of unmanned systems focused on meeting customer cost, schedule, and performance indices for success.


Chief Operating Officer

As an experienced operations manager, Mr. White manages key functions at both a strategic and operational level to ensure seamless execution of all client projects. He works closely with both department heads and senior management to align project implementation with standards of operational excellence and superior service.  

Mr. White began his career in law enforcement with major investigative experience at the State and Federal level.  He coordinated, supervised, and performed undercover investigations in the counter narcotics and organized crime units.  Mr. White has additional experience working internationally in sixty plus countries primarily in business development, risk mitigation, international terrorism, counter proliferation, and deep cover operations.  He has experience in the recruitment, training, management, and support of individuals in field operations and international business.  With twenty years of large-scale project management experience, Mr. White brings an intricate ability to handle complex projects and a global vision to Blackrock Strategy LLC clients.  His development and implementation of protocols have led to successful operations globally in a variety of contexts.  Mr. White is a dual US and Irish citizen with a global view to assist clients in the most challenging environments.